Diamond Rings in Lagos Nigeria

Apr 27

The Best Diamond Rings for your Perfect Wedding

A diamond certainly is a girl’s best friend but when it’s not just the diamond that is going to impress your girlfriend to say yes for the wedding. You will have to focus on the cuts my friend. Women are pleased when they are gifted with such pieces of jewels that are trendy and yet beautiful. It can be a really tough decision to choose a diamond wedding ring for a male. Even if your girlfriend goes with you to choose the wedding ring, she is going to be overwhelmed by the options available.
Wedding rings sure can get expensive but you have to choose the best one by making the most out of your money. The cut of the diamond of course is important but if you are not sure what kind of setting you want for your diamond ring, then the choice can get a little messy. Here are some forms of diamond ring cuts and settings from which you can choose the most perfect one for your prefect wedding:


If you want to make the diamond center of attention, then classic style is going to be perfect to let the beauty of the diamond speak for itself. These days, the crafted gold and platinum rings with a diamond with the princess cut in the middle have been in the trend. These are the timeless rings that are not going to get old even in decades. There is even an heirloom inspired collection available in diamond rings that are truly breathtaking.


If diamond alone isn’t enough for you, then just to add a twist to the traditional style in the wedding ring and allure it with gemstones. This can really give a colorful accent to the diamond. The diamond will be in the center and the gemstones will be embedded in the band of the ring.

Side stones

Side stone diamond wedding rings are also quite trendy. The ring gets two or more petite diamonds. You can either choose a traditional channel set or a pave set.


The trend of halo appeared in the year 2013 and its going to make its way throughout 2014 and it’s going to be in trend even the next year. In halo setting, the center stone is always diamond. A number of celebrity males have proposed their celebrity co-stars by presenting diamond rings in halo setting.

Three stone

The three stone rings are always best if you want to add a bold touch. Whether it’s modern or conventional designs, all are available with touches of diamonds and gemstones

Eternity band

If single diamond isn’t enough for you, then go for the eternity band of diamonds that go all around the band of the ring.
No matter what style you choose, don’t forget the importance to the diamond cut. Princess cut is by far the most common cut which is truly adored by all females. Some love round, some love emerald but that again depends on the choice of the female. So, among these trendy settings, you might find your perfect wedding ring.