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How To Maintain Your Gold Wedding Rings

Whether they are wedding or engagement rings, gold rings always require some maintenance. The white gold rings get discolored and the yellow gold rings get dull after some time. Because white gold is processed from yellow gold, it tends to change to its original form after a while. Hence, it is necessary to keep it shiny white by using

Maintaining Your White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold has been used by many jewelers for making wedding or engagement rings. It has been engraved and written on to make sure everybody gets his favorite ring for engagement or wedding. But what if that ring gets stained? What are you going to do? Following are some ways to make sure your white gold rings stay like you bought them yesterday!

Maintenance requires some special chemicals. Because a white gold ring is made from alloys, it is to be cleaned by using something apart from the original gold. You need to get your hands on ammonia and mix it with equal percentage as the water.

When you form a mixture, rub it on your white gold ring and let the ring become as shiny as new. After a matter of three years, the white gold starts scraping off the ring. When this ammonia solution is applied, the ring shall stop wearing off.

This way you shall be able to protect your white gold ring from running after some years. Another tip is to take this ring off when washing the dishes or gardening. Such activities allow substances to stick to the ring and scrape off the gold.

Maintaining The Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Gold never scrapes off however it gets dull with the passage of time. If the ring is worn by people regularly, the gold becomes dull and looks old. It needs regular maintenance. There are many ways to maintain and bring back the shine of yellow gold.

The first way is by using the dish detergent. The gold ring is to be placed in a solution of water and detergent. The detergent will clean off any impurities stuck to the ring and make it shiny and smooth. Anyone can clean his gold rings by using a toothbrush with soft bristles too.

The toothbrush is to be dipped in the solution of ammonia and water before scrubbing on the ring. One can also use another method to make sure the gold rings stay new and clean. Rub a solution of toothpaste and water on the rings from time to time. The rings will remain shiny and free of stuck substances.

See how easy it is?

The methods mentioned above are quite easy and can be done at home. You don’t have to run to your jeweler and get your gold rings cleaned because it is something you can do on your own!


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